Alex Lucero & Live Again + James Robinson
Album Release Celebration

Alex Lucero & Live Again

James Robinson

Ages 21+
Alex Lucero return to Moe's Alley for a special album release celebration. Special guest James Robinson supports.

For over 6 years Live Again has been portraying their love of music to fans and audience members all around California. From their wide array of showcasing covers to their own original compositions, this band is always striving for the absolute best.

Since then they have won multiple battles of the bands and have also been featured on radio stations such as KSCO, KZSC, KSQD and KPIG. One of their biggest achievements was on August 29th, 2015 when they won “Valley's Got Talent” at The Gallo Center for the Arts with their original song "Every Other Time" for Best Band.

Heavily influenced by R&B and Soul of the 1960s and '70s, lead singer/frontman, Alex Lucero showcases his timber and rasp as well as high falsetto in his live and studio performances. The other members add key elements and influences ranging from Jazz Fusion, Rock and Reggae.

On any given night Live Again varies anywhere from a two-piece intimate set to a six-piece power band with saxophone, percussion, and lead guitar. Regardless of the number of members, Live Again delivers and gives 100% to their audience members and has never been known to disappoint.

Vocals, Guitar, Bass | Alex Lucero

Lead Guitar, Bass | Mick Adams

Saxophone | Ken Kishlansky

Percussion | Tom Bartolero

Venue Information:
Moe's Alley
1535 Commercial Way

Santa Cruz, CA, 95065