Moes Alley Santa Cruz Nightclub
Santa Cruz Hydroponics
Frankie Moreno
Appearing Live at Moes Alley
Wednesday, April 7th
Rock/ Alternative
8:30 PM, Doors Open 8:00 PM, $9/12,

Moe's Alley welcomes back hometown hero Frankie Moreno for his long awaited return to Santa Cruz.   

Born in the small beach town of Santa Cruz, California, Frankie Moreno had his first encounter with music at the age of three. His father and uncle had a popular local band and they would hold their weekly rehearsals at the house. It was there young Frankie was exposed to music and became intrigued. He would sit by the pianist, watching intently and was soon able to play all of their songs by memory.
            Moreno would practice the piano for hours daily. He could play anything he heard on the spot flawlessly and at lightning speeds. News of the young talent traveled fast throughout the city and his parents were constantly asked to bring him to local events to perform. By the time he had turned seven, he was playing professionally. He was putting on concerts across the state and would have to be raised up on a box to reach the keys of the piano.
            Moreno put an extreme focus into practicing music and writing his own compositions. He began his training of classical and sight-reading, yet he also possessed a remarkable knack for playing by ear which ultimately gave him the ability to play all styles of music on many different instruments.
            At the age of eleven, he was introduced to American audiences with nation-wide television exposure. Rapidly, his popularity escalated around the country. He was invited to play much larger events, and his performance schedule grew busier by the month. Several agents, managers, promoters, and record labels began calling. It was quite a whirlwind for the Moreno family but very exciting at the same time.
            Right after graduating High School, Moreno received the invite to move to Nashville. There, the young musician advanced his singing and songwriting talents. While playing piano, harmonica, and mandolin on numerous recording sessions, he still continued his live performances around the country. He was signed to write music for the major publishing company Cal 4 Entertainment, becoming the youngest member of their songwriting staff.
            At one of his performances, a disc jockey from a radio station in Germany was there and took one of Moreno's self-made albums home with him. He loved the music and spun it on his station daily which eventually led to thousands of orders throughout Europe and a number 6 spot on their playlist. This was the first step for Moreno to receive international exposure.
            Moreno decided it was time to try someplace new and moved to the fast growing city of Las Vegas. He had performed there on and off since he was a teenager and thought it would be a fun challenge since he played original music, and that's not what Vegas crowds were accustomed to. He saw it as a great opportunity to reach many people from all over the world without having to tour as much. Work instantly came in from every major venue Vegas had to offer, and the people more than graciously accepted his original music.
             Moreno and his two younger brothers Tony and Rick began writing music together. Traveling around the world for inspiration, they would write and release a new album almost every year and it would get played across America and throughout Europe on various independent radio stations. Frankie also began composing his symphonic works and orchestral arrangements.
            His latest collaboration for Sony Records with world renown violinist Joshua Bell reached the #1 slot on the Billboard Charts in two categories. Other artists included on this album are Sting, Josh Groben, Chris Botti and Regina Spektor. Moreno and Bell have performed together on several different occasions including national television and radio broadcasts and being seen in The Wall Street Journal, Strings Magazine, New York Times, USA Today, AOL Music and MTV-UK.

            In 2009, after finishing a tour with CMA Award nominee Billy Currington, co-headlining with SugarLand, Frankie and his band joined multi-platinum artists Air Supply for their 2009 world tour. Air Supply's new album, recorded by Frankie's band, features five tracks co-written by Frankie, including the first single "Dance With Me". He composed string arrangements on the album and for their live shows, conducting the Sydney Symphony at the Sydney Opera House, and other orchestras abroad.
            Frankie Moreno has commanded audiences all across the country with his high energy music and playful stage antics. His songs are cleverly crafted and his musicianship is virtuoso. His music is consistently rich with influences of rock, funk, and classical, yet each of his live performances are very different from each other, never painting the same picture twice. He is unquestionably an extremely unique artist and an all around talent who puts his heart and soul into his music.

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