Moes Alley Santa Cruz Nightclub
BOOSTIVE, Gene Evaro Jr, drftr
Appearing Live at Moes Alley
Saturday, September 14th
Funk, Rock & Hip-Hop
9:00 PM, Doors Open 8:00 PM, $15, Tickets Available After 5:30pm At Moe's Or By Calling 831.479.1854

Eat At Moe's

Moe's Alley welcomes back Funk Rock favorites Boostive + Gene Evaro Jr. & DRFTR.

BOOSTIVE- Boostive's massive sound is the product of seven young musician's unique musical influences. Drawing from elements from everything from gritty hip hop to ambient electronic and back world music, they create a powerful trance-like atmosphere for their audiences and easily fit in to any kind of musical setting. Originally started by four lifelong friends in san diego, a move to Santa Cruz brought the missing pieces of the puzzle with the addition of the last three members. The recording of the self titled EP in 2012 signified they were ready to begin playing shows professionally. Since then, boostive has taken off and even had the pleasure of playing numerous music festivals and opening up for some of their most respected influences like Heiroglyphics, The Pharcyde, Souls of Mischief, Slightly Stoopid, Del tha Funkee Homosapien, Zion i, and Gramatik. The group now gigs around California regularly and is constantly creating new material, keeping the spirit and energy alive and changing. With a full length album recorded and on the way to being released and the release of their second EP "Feed the People"(2014), boostive is moving forward with their momentum every day.

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