Moes Alley Santa Cruz Nightclub
Jordan T
Appearing Live at Moes Alley
Sunday, June 30th
Hawaiian Reggae Favorite Returns
9:00 PM, Doors Open 8:30 PM, $15 Day Of Show- Tickets Are Available At The Door,

Eat At Moe's

Moe's Alley presents Hawaiian Reggae Favorite JORDAN T and his full live band.

Video- Jordan T "Sunset Tonight"

Jordan describes his life as a musician as “a journey guided by Aloha and the wind… I live, breathe, sing, and search for passion, inspiration and adventure like a gypsy. I try not to plan too much – embracing the moments I have for what they are and when they come.”

His music shows characteristics of the statement with its eclectic nature and continually evolving style. You won’t find Jordan singing, playing, or writing only a single genre. His versatility reflects his intent to express all angles of emotions, experiences, and life happenings. In his live performances, you can feel this truth as he puts his heart and soul into the mic to draw you into the stories. From stories of introspection and heartbreak, to stories of dancing and sunny days, you’re guaranteed to walk away with truth about his journey in life. You can really get to know him through his music if you’re willing to take the time to pay attention. Jordan has had the opportunity to share the stage and tour with bands like Katchafire, Maoli, Common Kings, Fiji, Irie Love, Ali Cambell (UB40), The Green, J Boog, and many more.

“I can’t sit back and play a single type or style of music. Life isn’t that simple to me and for everyone else that breathes air. Sometimes I just wanna skank and enjoy the sunshine, and other days it’s the opposite. If my music was all the same I would be lying to you, my listener, about my journey. The last thing I want to create is uninspired music.” -Jordan T.

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