Moes Alley Santa Cruz Nightclub
Rupa & The April Fishes + LoCura
Appearing Live at Moes Alley
Sunday, May 26th
Double Bill Dance Party & CD Release Celebration For Rupa's New Album "Growing Upward"
8:30 PM, Doors Open 8:00 PM, $10 Advance, $15 Day Of Show, 3 Day Weekend!

Moe's Alley waraps up a 3 day weekend with a very special double bill featuring Rupa & The April Fishes + LoCura.  This will be the official Santa Cruz album release celebration for Rupa's brand new release "Growing Upward".

ABOUT RUPA & THE APRIL FISHES- Rupa and the April Fishes create a sound that pulsates with the pluralism of Bay Area culture, celebrating life and the art of resistance through a wide musical palette that pulls from over a decade of playing street parties, festivals and symphonic concerts through 29 countries with songs in 5 languages. Under the direction of composer, frontwoman, activist and physician Rupa, the band creates a live experience which is a manifestation of a world beyond nations, where the heart of humanity beats louder than anything that divides us. 

ABOUT LOCURA - For the past 11 years, Oakland-based LoCura has crafted their own unique musical identity: "Califas Mestizo Music," a blend of Latin American and Iberian rhythms such as rumba, cumbia, salsa and flamenco influenced by punk rock, ska, rap, dub, reggae, dancehall with local and global lyrical themes. The band's name ("it cures it") reflects their ethos of making music a remedy, a theme which permeates lyrics such as "la cultura cura la locura (culture cures the madness). 


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