Moes Alley Santa Cruz Nightclub
Appearing Live at Moes Alley
Saturday, October 26th
Halloween Bash
9:00 PM, Doors Open 8:00 PM, $20,

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Hometown heroes WOOSTER return to Moe's Alley for a Saturday night on Halloween Weekend!  This show sells out in advance, so grab your tickets early!

Years of living on the road, crashing on strangers’ floors and playing for sweating, screaming crowds have infused Wooster’s sound with a precious ingredient known as life force.  That life force, much like Han Solo’s ill-fated encounter with Jabba the Hut, was frozen in Carbonite in August of 2014 when the band decided to hang up it’s rockin’ shoes and retire the act after Seven years.  Three long following years of ski lifts, wood shops, assembly lines, mortgages and babies have given birth to the upcoming awakening.  With the intro of Sega’s Altered Beast ringing in the cosmic ears, a faint “Rise from your grave” was whispered through the fates of collective consciousness and after little deliberation the musical Fox Force Five known as Wooster decided to thaw out, rise up and reunite in true balls to the wall, 110% fashion to bring you ONE NIGHT ONLY.  WOOSTER, HALLOWEEN at Moe’s Alley.  BACK FROM THE DEAD.   Sparce like a comet sighting but slightly less predictable, this may well be the only chance to see this musical powerhouse, this harmonic firestorm, this snapshot of a time and place that only exists in the deepest part of your heart.  On Halloween night 2017, a bright flame will engulf this stage, and for two smoking sets, a mighty phoenix will be winged once again.  To the fans that stuck with us through thick and thin, to the lives touched and the broken hearts, to the souls blazing and the drinks spilled, the ringing in our ears screams out that this is a night not to be missed.  Come celebrate this reunion, this meeting of the musical minds as we give you the party of a lifetime, our proverbial 1999, if just for One Night Only.

Described by various music critics as “smoldering,” “top-notch,” “one-of-a-kind,” “addictive” and “like a breath of fresh air,” the Wooster sound is a party-ready mix of California reggae and Aretha Franklin-esque soul, spiced up with hints of Motown, surf, Latin rock, funk and hip-hop.  - “one of Santa Cruz’s liveliest local acts” (Santa Cruz Weekly)

Wooster is:

Brian Gallagher (Vox/Guitar), Caroline Kuspa (Vox), Zack “Nutty” Donoghue (Guitar), Bobby Hanson (Bass), Nate Fredrick (Drums/Vox) and is coming to get ya…..

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