Moes Alley Santa Cruz Nightclub
Webb Wilder
Appearing Live at Moes Alley
Sunday, March 17th
KPIG Favorite Returns As Part Of Our Early Sunday Afternoon Music Series On St Paddy's Day!
4:00 PM, Doors Open 3:00 PM, $20, day of tickets available at 2pm at Moe's or by phone 831 479-1854

Eat At Moe's

Webb Wilder returns to Moe's Alley for a special afternoon show on Sunday March 17th..St Paddy's Day!  Doors open at 3pm, show starts at 4pm. 
Long before there were Kings of Leon, Keys of Black or Whites of Jack in Music City there was a riddle spewing prophet of roots rock and roll. A bluesy blast of baritone bombast.  Equally versed in two glorious worlds, Rock and Roll. He is a force on tour and a tour de force. He is the last of the Full Grown Men and Roots Rock Royalty.
Rock ’n’ roll, from Nashville. Formed from Mississippi mud, tinged with British mod.
Bruised by the blues.  Baptized by Buck and Chuck.
Psychiatric psycho-rootsy. Sizzling, glistening, uneasy listening.
As it has been for three decades, it is now and ever shall be.
Webb Wilder.      c. Peter Cooper
Hardly a purist, Webb has described the music he makes as, “Rock for Roots fans and Roots for Rock fans.” Growing up in Hattiesburg, MS, he spent some years in Austin before setting his new home, Nashville, on its ear with his unique hybrid sound – was this music Country? Rock? Rockabilly? Blues?  What it was was popular, and he found himself touring worldwide – and growing legions of his Loving Public. His critically acclaimed indie films made him a cult hero.  His 10 CD's have solidified his reputation as one of Roots Rock's true voices.  His engaging personality led him to become one of America’s first Satellite DJs on XM Radio.
“Webb flat out rocks!  They serve up potent Southern comfort.”  Rolling Stone Magazine
"With his obvious love of British rock and Southern roadhouse, Wilder could be a kind of Tom Petty for the trailer set." - San Francisco Chronicle
“These days the term ‘roots rocker’ is almost meaningless, but Wilder’s blend of a rocker’s heart with a hillbilly’s soul is probably the best aural definition of it yet.”  Time Out Chicago
Promo video - Who is Webb Wilder?
PBS “Music Masters, Miss. Roads” TV episode on Webb Nov. 2016 -
Band cuts: “I Just Had to Laugh”  at the Workplay Theater - “No Great Shakes” at Music City Roots - “Poolside” at Music City Roots
Acoustic cuts: - “TBC Yodel #9” (tribute to Elvis) On the Bob and Tom show - “More Like Me” - “Who Will The Next Fool Be”  at The Strand Theater, NJ

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