Moes Alley Santa Cruz Nightclub
The Joe Kaplow, Gabriella Cohen, Getaway Dogs
Appearing Live at Moes Alley
Wednesday, October 24th
Live Music Showcase
8:30 PM, Doors Open 8:00 PM, $7 Advance, $10 Day Of Show,

Moe's Alley presents a night of great live music with The Joe Kaplow, Gabriella Cohen, & Getaway Dogs

Singer/songwriter Joe Kaplow lives in a four-acre mansion in the hills of Santa Cruz. Of course, he shares the space with a group of hippies, some rats, and some very dilapidated floors and walls... but it does have a swimming pool.

For Kaplow, becoming a full-time musician - and adopting the lifestyle that often accompanies it - didn’t happen by accident. Having moved from farm life and family in New Jersey to the rich Santa Cruz music community, Kaplow has often found himself living paycheck to paycheck as he departs on three-month U.S. solo tours, records music in various bedrooms of the house where he lives, rehearses with his new band and writes constantly, dedicating himself fully and lovingly to the craft of songwriting.

Kaplow’s new band, formed out of necessity to play the music off his upcoming album Time Spent In Between, is a 4 piece outfit that occasionally has a horn section.  They have one foot in the folk, americana world and one foot in the experimental indie-rock world, making for an interesting and fresh take on both tired genres.  4 part harmonies, Bolinas drawer droppers, and swimming textures behind poignant, reflective lyrics make up the Joe Kaplow.

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