Moes Alley Santa Cruz Nightclub
The Sextones + Five Alarm Funk
Appearing Live at Moes Alley
Thursday, August 9th
Funk & Soul Double Bill Dance Party
8:30 PM, Doors Open 8:00 PM, $9 Advance, $12 Day Of Show,

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Moe's Alley presents a double bill funk & soul dance party with THE SEXTONES + FIVE ALARM FUNK.

ABOUT THE SEXTONES- The Sextones are a family of music renegades known for viciously executed soul compositions and white-knuckle driving funk. Fronted by the charismatic and soulful vocalist Mark Sexton - The Sextones’ sound is a tip of the hat to the days of Tower of Power and Stevie Wonder while actively forging the path for a new generation of soul and funk. Based in the wild desert of Reno, NV, The Sextones continue to diligently craft their distinctive brand of soul with face-melting guitar parts, intricate bass-work, commanding drum rhythms, sticky Hammond B3 comping, brutally honest and heartfelt vocal acrobatics and a fearless and exciting stage performance.

ABOUT FIVE ALARM FUNK- Some bands want to change the world. Five Alarm Funk’s goal is much simpler.  They want you to sweat.

That’s been the idea since the first time drummer Tayo Branston, guitarist Gabe Boothroyd and the original Five Alarm bassist Neil Towers met at a Vancouver house party in 2003. Since that night, the temperature in their leafy green hometown began to rise. Other musicians started showing up to jam. The parties led to gigs locally, which led a few years later to grinding bus tours across Canada and into the States. The crowds grew. The grooves burned. A horn section jumped onboard to punch the beat harder. Percussion cranked it up even more. EPs and albums followed, as studios and gear melted down from the sheer intensity these guys unleashed.

No wonder they called their last album Sweat.

But believe it or not, Five Alarm Funk is just warming up.

Five Alarm Funk is:

Gabe Boothroyd, guitar
Oliver Gibson, guitar
Jason Smith, bass
Tayo Branston, drums/vocals
Tom Towers, congas
Rickie Valentine, timbales
Eli Bennett, saxophone
Kent Wallace, trumpet

To get the full picture, go back to when the future rhythm section first played together. Vancouver was definitely a musical town then, though among its grunge, alternative, indie and even jazz players one genre was conspicuous in its absence. A few young cats were aware of this but didn’t know how to correct the situation until some mysterious force pulled them into the same room at the same time.

“We all loved heavy funk like James Brown and Tower of Power” Branston explains. “But we were also inspired by everything from Tito Puente to Antibalas to Frank Zappa. Their fantastic musicianship and the amount of fun they had was incredible. We wanted that for ourselves too … but it just wasn’t going on in Vancouver at that time.”

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