Moes Alley Santa Cruz Nightclub
Las Cafeteras, Making Movies, Alex Cuba
Appearing Live at Moes Alley
Thursday, May 24th
CARNAVAL: The Tour - Featuring 3 Phenomenal Latin Acts
8:00 PM, Doors Open 7:30 PM, $20, Day of tickets available after 4pm at Moe's or by calling 831 479-1854

Eat At Moe's

Moe's Alley proudly presents CARNAVAL: THE TOUR a triple bill featuirng 3 phenomenal Latin acts:  LAS CAFETERAS, MAKING MOVIES, ALEX CUBA.


Celebrate Our Folk

Featuring: Making Movies, Las Cafeteras, and Alex Cuba

For four weeks in the summer of 2018, spaces across the USA will be reclaimed by the spirit of Carnaval and invoke a night of music, solidarity, and celebration with some of the most exciting Latin artists making music today. Carnaval The Tour is redefining folk in North America– highlighting the rich, but often overlooked, folk music of Latin America and the artists who are bringing it into the future. From Los Angeles to Cuba, Panama to New Orleans, Carnaval is a moment to let loose and express the resilience of the human spirit. It is an open and inclusive environment, a place where tradition and rebellion coexist.


This one-of-a-kind concert experience is an extension of the Making Movies Carnaval, a music and arts festival founded by American rock'n'roll band Making Movies. Carnaval The Tour celebrates Latino heritage in the United States by focusing on the integral role Latin music has played in the American story of folk, jazz, and rock'n'roll. "Celebrate Our Folk" is our way of saying "celebrate our America."  


Making Movies

Making Movies blends pulsing Afro-Latino rhythms, psychedelic jams and rock ’n’ roll swagger into powerful live performances, full of theatrics and cathartic climaxes. Armed with the ambitious and politically charged 2017 release I Am Another You — “lyrically and sonically one of the best albums of the year,” NPR raved — and a companion EP, You Are Another Me, the Kansas City band punches out one high-energy song after another. The foursome showcases their Latin American roots, with frontman Enrique Chi incorporating traditional instruments like the Panamanian mejorana alongside electric guitar, or the Chaurand brothers swapping drums and percussion for a dueling zapateado huasteco, a traditional form of dance from Veracruz, Mexico. The band's political idea is straightforward enough that they can express it in four words: “We are all immigrants.”


“Making Movies is breaking down walls in the United States” -Rolling Stone

“Lyrically and sonically one of the best albums of the year”  


"A pointed social statement from a group who's sound is its own form of protest"

KUTX, Austin



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