Moes Alley Santa Cruz Nightclub
Prezident Brown + Chezidek
Appearing Live at Moes Alley
Saturday, March 17th
2 Of Jamaican's Top Talents Tag Team Moe's For A Not To Be Missed Double Bill
9:00 PM, Doors Open 8:00 PM, $20, day of show tickets are available after 4pm at Moe's or by phone at 831 479-1854

Eat At Moe's

Jamaican Reggae Heavyweights PREZIDENT BROWN & CHEZIDEK tag team Moe's Alley backed by a live band for a Saturday Night Roots Reggae Party not to be missed!



Don't miss this exciting Reggae roots and culture package with Prezident Brown and Chezidek. Prezident Brown is a Jamaican roots reggae artist who carries a universal message of love, consciousness and righteousness. Prez is a gifted vocalist who has been focusing on his calling as a singer from an early age. He has never wavered in his focus. Prez has been touring the US consistently for the last decade with his band the I Sound band. Co-billing on this tour is the artist Chezidek who is a roots singer from St. Ann’s Bay, Jamaica.


Prezident Brown, born Fitz Albert Cotterell, has been called, "one of the most interesting cultural dee-jays since U Roy". Emphasizing positive messages, Prezident Brown has continued to pioneer his own direction, developing his own approach to dee-jaying that he calls, "The chanting stylee". 
Born to a Seventh Day Adventist family in Colonel Ridge, Clarendon, Prezident Brown grew up in the small town of Oracabessa in the Parish of St. Mary, Jamaica. He was forced to leave school at a young age when his father died leaving him with his mother and three sisters.

Prezident Brown launched his musical career at the age of fourteen, when he began dee-jaying for the Sound King Stereo Mix at the Bamboo Lounge. Initially known as Junior Ranking, Prezident Brown was dubbed, "Slim Brown", by dee-jay Nicodemus. When he recorded his debut single in 1988 Prezident Brown was named, "Dancehall Doctor". The late Jack Ruby, producer of Burning Spear’s albums, “Marcus Garvey”, and, “Man In The Hills”, bestowed the title, “Prezident”, upon him. In 1989, he joined Courtney Cole's label, Roof International, and began performing and dee-jaying at the Rooftop Club in Ocho Rios. In 1990, Prezident Brown became involved with producers Barry O'Hare and Steven Stewart at Grove Music in Ocho Rios. It was Barry O'Hare's X-Rated Record label that became Prezident Brown’s home base and it was X-Rated Records with Runn Records that launched his career in Europe. In Jamaica the X-Rated label took off as a massive roots revival swept across the country paving the way for Prezident Brown’s conscious style of reggae dee-jaying. In 1999 the Jamaican record label Kariang released the timeless, “To Jah Only” album.

In 2002, Jahmani Productions released a 2 CD disc called, “Showcase Volume 1”. The 46 show tour that followed that release took Prezident Brown across the United States and included performances at The Sierra Nevada World Music Festival, and on Reggae on the River. Jahmani Productions then released “Showcase Volume 2”, and “Showcase Volume 3” which includes a live performance from the 2002 Mt. Shasta Renegade Music Festival. In 2004 the German based label Chet Records with Sony Records released the album, “Generation Next”.

Prezident Brown currently lives in Jamaica. He continues to record and tour. He has developed a strong following in the United States and Europe, and continues to grow musically and in notoriety, as a champion of the new roots and reality consciousness reggae movement. Prezident Brown entertains, informs and inspires. Common Prosperity, was released in July 2009. October 2012 Tads Records released I Sound is From Creation. Influenced by the spirit of Rastafari and the original Jamaican dancehall rub-a-dub sound system he is currently releasing The Journeyman Pilgrimage - his 10th studio album. This project is close to his heart because it brings forth the best of his love in fourteen strong, fun, conscious, positive and spiritual tracks. These musical vibrations display the full maturity of his art, showcasing where he’s come from as well as where he currently is. “My career is a journey with different phases unfolding as I go, it’s a reggae journey and I believe music is of divine origin and should be invoked with the highest praise, so I’m inviting you all to join me. I call it The Journeyman Pilgrimage because I always go the extra mile with and for the purpose of delivering my music.”

The Journeyman Pilgrimage is scheduled to be released on the Tad’s Record label. Prez worked closely with producer/engineer Barry O’Hare, who has also worked with Burning Spear, Shaggy, Sean Paul, and many others. Bassist Devon Bradshaw from Axx of Jahpostles, who has worked with Burning Spear and the late Garnet Silk, and has been instrumental in the sound as the bass player and producer. Ian (Beezy) Coleman, the guitarist for Ziggy Marley, is also featured on this project as well as many of his existing works. Young artist/producer/beatmaker Rivah Jordan of Soundkillaz Music has also been heavily involved. Rivah Jordan has been working making music with Prez since 2011. The first single/Video from this project entitled Boy Baby was released on September 30th 2014. Three more singles should be released in preparation for the full CD in spring 2015 at which time he is scheduled to be touring with The Journeyman Pilgrimage.

Prezident Brown is a serious reggae revolutionary who keeps persevering as a defender of the faith.

ABOUT CHEZIDEK- Chezidek is a roots and culture singer from St. Ann’s Bay, Jamaica. Chezidek emerged on the scene in 2002 with his first album “Harvest Time” (Vp records), produced by Phillip “Fattis” Burrell (Exterminator Label). Chezidek’s unique voice and melodies with cultural, spiritual and sometimes political topics earned him a place in the heart of Reggae fans worldwide. 
In 2004 Chezidek got his first hit song “Leave De Trees” a song he recorded for Hugh Miller (Our Promotion Labe). “Leave De Trees” topped the Reggae Charts and made him a house-hold name in the Reggae arena. 

In 2007 Chezidek released his 3rd album “Inna de Road” (Green Sleeves Records) produced by Bobby Konders of Massive B Records, with hits like “Inna De Road, Dem A Fight We and Call Pon Dem”. This is one of the most loved albums in roots and culture music.

Chezidek has performed for thousands of fans in Jamaica, the Caribbean, the US and Europe. He has played on many of the major Reggae festivals worldwide. He has worked with popular producers such as Bobby Digital, Dan Carleon, Sly and Robbie, to name a few, and also with European based producer Jah Solid Rock, which released two albums for Chezidek “Judgement Time” and “The Order Of Melchezedik” which was released in April 2013.

Chezidek is one of the few roots singers who sticks to the conscious side of the music. As a youth, coming from the home of the honorable Marcus Garvey, Robert Nesta Marley and Burning Spear, Chezidek was influenced by the ancient Rastafarian tradition and his African roots. Chezidek strives to be man of righteousness, inspired by the Almighty.

Chezidek album “Freedom Fighters”, released in August 2013, was produced by One Drop Records out of California. This is another chapter from the book of the spiritual chanter, Chezidek - the herbalist, the environmentalist, the italist, the defender of the cannabis - sharing his songs of redemption and praise.

In 2017, through the powers of the Most High, Chezidek recently released “Irie Day” as he continues on his spiritual, musical journey with the message of peace, righteousness and justice.

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