Moes Alley Santa Cruz Nightclub
Stylust Beats, Labrat, Chopsjunkie & DownSquareZ
Appearing Live at Moes Alley
Thursday, November 16th
Presented By Euphoric Styles
8:30 PM, Doors Open 8:00 PM, $15/20,

Eat At Moe's

Euphoric Styles presents Stylust Beats, Labrat, Chopsjunkie & DownSquareZ.

Stylust Beats:
Known for his sleeveless, whimsical synergy with the fans, Geoff “Stylust Beats” Reich has been creating his own counterculture since he was a teenager. A skate punk and hip-hop devotee, this groundbreaking DJ’s talent for fusing rap hooks and dubstep bass with multiple music genres has earned him the rep as a creative renegade carving his own path. With a style that captivates lovers of all music, the Canadian-bred San Francisco DJ has emerged as a frontrunner in the new wave of industry heavyweights. In a interview for, this stereophonic chameleon explains the method to his madness, “My goal is to make timeless bass music: I try to make every track an epic melodic adventure through many different genres.”

With unabashed rebellion and seamless finesse, Stylust Beats captains this musical trip through uncharted waters on his new album, R.Y.F.S.O., released in Fall 2013 on the formidable bass label, Play Me Free Records. Weaving genres of trap, hip-hop, larger-than-life dubstep and sonic chill with stupefying synth work, R.Y.F.S.O. boasts a kaleidoscope of sound yet un-experienced in the market. Not far removed from his award-nominated Soundbwoy EP, Stylust is showing no sign of backing down from the innovative stylism that has earned him well over a million SoundCloud plays to date.

Blending classic turntablism with cutting edge tech prowess, Geoff has been touring as DJ Stylust Beats since 2008. Stretching all over the United States, Canada and Costa Rica, he has headlined major festivals, including Shambala, Envision and Burning Man, to name a few. With the 2014 festival season already in full swing, this bass-slinging workhorse will be slaying dance floors across North America all summer long.

Inspired by his older brother who was in a band, Stylust Beats began testing his musical mettle on the wheels of steel in 1998. His imaginative spins of counterintuitive genres were new territory back then, and he quickly gained fame as a fearless, party-rocking DJ reinventing the game. Within a couple of years, he took on the daunting challenge of producing and managing his own recording house, All-In Studios, which he ran successfully for ten years. This was the laboratory within which Stylust evolved from bass DJ to mad scientist, cutting his own brand of sonic mixology and perfecting his craft as prime-time producer.

Sporting his first full-length album, R.Y.F.S.O., Stylust Beats is poised to rip the sleeves off the dubstep status quo, blazing a new trail of sound that will redefine the industry norms. But don’t be fooled by his rebel-without-a-care persona: with his own label, Sleeveless Records, Stylust is a consummate pro with a passion for his art form and global respect within his reach. Best described in his own words, just “Rip Yer F#*ckin’ Sleeves Off!”

DownsquareZ is the musical alias of Colin McAndrews, a producer and DJ from Santa Cruz, CA. His music is a combination of smooth melodic Glitch with expressive, warping bass sounds that fill the mind and inspire thought within the listener. Currently, the auditory creations of DownsquareZ are spreading to a worldwide fanbase, having been featured in a variety of outlets, including websites like, The Hype Machine and As a teenager, Colin took a great interest in the music festivals of northern California, and became strongly influenced by artists such as STS9 and Shpongle. After performing as a drummer in multiple bands, he began to explore the realm of synthesis and electronic music creation, to materialize full-fledged compositions of his own variety. Striving to maintain the spontaneity of live performance while adding aspects of the computer production environment, DownsquareZ lets his instruments flow and maintains the human element, resulting in a gentle mixture of sounds that appear to resonate in the same auditory space. His live sets bring an immensely positive energy that seeps into the room and initiates an endless loop of feedback between the DJ and the crowd. This joyous reciprocation has allowed him to play hundreds of shows since getting his start in 2009, and he's been blessed to open for acts such as NastyNasty, Love and Light, Bleep Bloop, and Matty G. Colin released a collaboration EP with Intellitard (now Secret Recipe) entitled "Hellashpere" in March 2015, and his first solo EP "Surge" is scheduled to drop in February 2016.


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