Moes Alley Santa Cruz Nightclub
Rex Suru & Cherubim Vibes
Appearing Live at Moes Alley
Thursday, August 24th
10 Piece Afro Roots Reggae Band From Lagos Nigeria!
8:30 PM, Doors Open 8:00 PM, $7 advance, $10 day of show,

Eat At Moe's

Moe's Alley welcome Rex Suru & Cherubim Vibes live & direct from Lagos Nigeria for a night of Afro Roots Reggae featuring a 10 piece band complete with horns and harmony vocals.

VIDEO- Rex Suru Live

Rex Suru & Cherubim Vibes are an Afro-roots Reggae band from Nigeria.  The band is led by Nigerian singer, songwriter, and composer Rex Suru. He is now based in Oakland, CA, and his band is based in Lagos, Nigeria. Rex travels frequently to Lagos to record new songs and perform with the band in various shows and events. Braiding the West African rhythmic Afro-beat with Jamaican Ska Reggae, Rexsurumusic is the quintessential showcase of Afro Roots Reggae. At it's core, the music promotes spiritual, political, and social themes. It is pulsating, moving, magnetic, and unifying. The band's essential message is "Unity of All People" with the objective of bringing people together through their music. All of the band's songs are original compositions by Rex.

Rex came from humble beginnings in Lagos. His father was a local police officer. "My dad taught me discipline and the value of working hard for what you want," says Rex. That sentiment was instilled in Rex from an early age. He moved to the United States to attend college in Tyler, Texas. In his junior year, he started to listen to reggae music on the radio and began contemplating a career in music. He was particularly drawn to the music of Bob Marley, Peter Tosh, and The Wailers. "They influenced me more than any other musicians," Rex notes. As a junior, he wanted to change his major from Business Administration to Music Theory. "I really had no passion for Business Administration," Rex admits, "but I thought it could be useful." However, he was unable to make the switch since the deadline for registering for music classes had expired. Upon learning about his disappointment of not being able to focus on music, one of his professors offered him a guitar. He had never played any kind of instrument before but he accepted the guitar and started taking lessons. Soon he mastered basic chords, then he learned how to play a few songs, which led to greater confidence, which ushered in the accomplished guitarist he is today. A musician was born. He would then focus on composing songs on the guitar and performing them publicly.

Since those college years, over 20 years ago, Rex has sought fiercely to keep his passion for music alive. Though he has had some creative success and released a few albums, staying focused on music hasn't always been easy. He has been thrown many curveballs and experienced multiple setbacks; the brief loss of his freedom to create music, for example, still burns deep within him. Not to mention sustaining a major hand injury while working in construction. But through it all, he has remained resolute. "I have to do this," he says, referring to creating music and performing. "I want to take our music as far and wide as possible. Now is the time." From cab driver rushing to the Oakland International Airport for a fare, to construction worker using the jackhammer on the new span of the Bay Bridge, he has done - and continues to do - whatever is necessary to fund and maintain his belief in his music and loyalty to his band. For him, this is a true labor of love.

Rex has collaborated with various musicians since the late 1990s. On one of his trips back to Nigeria, he recruited local musicians and singers to work with him. "I had a dream and it was as if I was told to call them Cherubim Vibes!," he said excitedly. "I knew they would sound angelic!" And they do! The Cherubim Vibes have evolved over the years. The band as presently constituted has been together since 2012.  

Rex Suru & Cherubim Vibes' debut show in the United States is Friday, July 28, 2017 @ 8pm at Slim's in San Francisco, CA. The show kicks off the 10-show Give A Little Love Bay Area Tour. Show details will be announced shortly. You can be a part of the band's mission! Click on GOFUNDUNITY for more information.


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