Moes Alley Santa Cruz Nightclub
Paradise Soul Savers + Nat Osborn
Appearing Live at Moes Alley
Wednesday, March 9th
Funk & Soul Dance Party
8:30 PM, Doors Open 8:00 PM, $7 advance, $10 day of show,

Moe's Alley presents a Funk & Soul double bill dance party with Paradise Soul Savers + Nat Osborn (solo).

Paradise Soul Savers  "are funky and stanky and nasty and play some mean ass nasty stanky funk. Crate dug real funk by true players, not that watered down pinocchio shit. Well done..." - Bobby Hanson of the band Wooster.

The group started in studio sessions at "Paradise Recording" in Santa Cruz over the last 5 years. The vision was to play in a Soul band, but to go deeper than just Funky Meters tunes and James Brown; Gospel, Blues, Funk and Spirituals are all called upon in the bands vast repertoire...

The band features Ettiene Franc on bass and lead vocal duties. Etienne is one of the most sought after bass players in the area, but a long kept secret is his intoxicating, powerful voice. Sharing lead vocal duties and on keyboards is Russel Kreitman. Russell brings a reverence for American Roots music and a wealth of styles. On drums and vocals is Will Kahn, who has produced many recording featuring this lineup before they started performing as a live act.

What binds this group is an undeniable commitment to deep, stripped down, soulful grooves. The Soul Savers leave no stone unturned.


Nat Osborn, “the mastermind behind the suitably named Nat Osborn Band, writes smart, punchy tunes that blend old-school Gershwin-era songcraft with decidedly modern sensibilities.” (Popdose)

The Brooklyn based seven-piece band, flanked by a powerful three piece horn section, takes the best elements of soul, funk, indie-rock, and jazz and weaves them around Osborn’s truly infectious and clever songs.  The band has recently returned from a three month stint in Europe supporting their April 2015 self-titled EP release on Rope-A-Dope Records.

Formed at the end of 2011, the band quickly made a name for itself on the New York scene and the Northeast. After teaming up with producer Alex Bilowitz (Gavin Degraw, Jamie Lidell) and mixing/mastering team Scott Jacoby (John Legend, Vampire Weekend) and Emily Lazar (Foo Fighters, David Bowie), the band released its debut album The King and The Clown on March 28, 2013, at the famed NYC venue, Le Poisson Rouge. The King and The Clown earned glowing reviews and a place on some independent music critics’ lists of Best Albums of 2013.

Following the release, the band toured tirelessly; playing 200+ live shows between the United States and Europe.  They have appeared at, and often headlined, festivals on both sides of the Atlantic and been on television in seven countries, all while operating as a hard working independent act.

“The Nat Osborn Band has a rare knack for existing simultaneously in several different places at once” – The Deli NYC

“Eclectic, smart, high energy, Osborn gets his fingers into a whole bunch of different pies here and comes up with something good every time” – New York Music Daily

“Wow!  What a sound”  Artie Lange, live on the Artie Lange show

“The inability to label Osborn with any one specific genre lent greatly to his appeal.  Dramatic vocal runs, rolling exotic and ghostly horn melodies, and even blues fueled guitar binges; Osborn fit it all into his tightly packed arrangements.  With vocal theatrics likened to Muse, and playful horn runs a la Beirut, Osborn folded different genres into his compelling repertoire.” -Flush the Fashion.

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