Moes Alley Santa Cruz Nightclub
Lila Rose
Appearing Live at Moes Alley
Thursday, November 8th
plus special guests SORNE, EMILY MOLDY & BEL3VER
8:30 PM, Doors Open 8:00 PM, $12/15, Indie Rock/Electronica CD Release Celebration

Heart Tribe Presents with Win Win Pro LILA ROSE for her Santa Cruz debut & CD release. plus special guests SORNE, EMILY MOLDY & BEL3VER support.

This Canadian born singer/songwriter now makes her home in Berkeley, a perfect backdrop for her quirky and unusual style. While Lila writes within the boundaries of classic pop song structure, her songs could be called anything but traditional. Lila’s voice is difficult to describe, but imagine a triangle formed by the smoky alto of Fiona Apple, the gritty edge of Ani Difranco and the pure tone of Adele and put Lila right in the middle. You simply have to hear her voice to believe it, and she sings with such intensity it’s breathtaking.

On January 10th 2012, Lila released her full-length album, Heart Machine, which she co-produced with David Earl (aka SFLogicNinja.) A masterpiece of sound, song craft and technology, Heart Machine bends the genres of Electronica, Indie pop, trip-hop and alternative rock around an emotional core, finding a critical musical mass that is explosive in its intensity and brilliant in its light. Lila writes from the well of her experiences, building on the pain of human existence to create songs that speak to the human heart. Out of each shadow she culls light, uplifting, inspiring, and offering hope in lieu of even the greatest challenges of the heart, soul and mind
Obsession Video

A challenge to put a description to but will remind you of the likes of Jeff Buckley and Tom Waits fused together in a master piece of self expression and love. SORNE defies a quip of labels and sound bites... something you just have to hear to understand.

SORNE sounds of the future gawking at you with a gaping mouth, fearlessly and enveloped in mysticism. -They will make you lose your mind. – Red River Noise
-A wonderful brand of twisted, deeply textured abstract pop. Sonically and conceptually it reaches beyond genre definition. – Bowlegs Music
-Nonconformist in nature, brilliant in execution. This is absolutely phenomenal in every sense of the word. Music cannot get more unique and authentic as this.– Sputnik Music
-A conceptual, wide screen epic that unfolds in shivering awe. – Doug Freeman of the Austin Chronicle
-Echoes of Tv on the Radio’s ghostly pop. – San Francisco’s Bold Italic
-Sounds like Anthony and the Johnsons inhabiting the more esoteric realms of the Mars Volta. – Austin    Powell of the Austin Chronicle
-Somewhere in the same realm as Yeasayer’s psychedelic pop. – Austin 360
-I definitely recommend going to the show and witnessing the otherworldly artistic performance for yourself. – OVRLD 
-Theatrical creativity at its finest. This one deserves your complete attention. – Austin Music Weekly
-Completely blown away. – Peel Post

This amazing woman will give a feel of Norah Jones with twinge of Cocco Rosie. Currently Attending UCSC Emily has been making waves in the Santa Cruz Bay Area recently playing at the Crepe Place, Rasputin in Berkeley and has been a featured artist on KPFA as well.

BELI3VER, a musical alias of Robin Tala, is a DJ, Electronic Music Producer and Hip Hop MC. Giving attention to a diverse array of genres, BELI3VER aims to stir the heart, enliven the mind, and sooth the body of his listeners. He lives in Oakland, CA and runs two production companies: Win ∆ Win Pro and Cyphertown Productions.

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