Moes Alley Santa Cruz Nightclub
Kinky Friedman
Appearing Live at Moes Alley
Sunday, December 16th
+ Brian Molnar
7:30 PM, Doors Open 6:30 PM, $27/30, Partially Seated Concert. Seats Available On A First Come First Serve Basis.

Moe's Alley welcomes back KINKY FRIEDMAN for a special early performance.  This will be a partially seated concert.  Seats are available on a first come first serve basis when doors open at 6:30pm.  Special guest Brian Molnar opens the show starting at 7:30pm.

Fact-finding mission by Texas’ beloved singer-songwriter, author, cigar and tequila mogul, and animal rescuer
AUSTIN, Texas — Is Kinky Friedman, self-proclaimed author, columnist, musician, beautician and Governor of the Heart of Texas, really bipolar? Though this is likely a question for a higher authority or licensed professional, Kinky will nonetheless reprise his super-successful BiPolar Tour in December. Beginning with dates at some of his favorite haunts in the Midwest (he starts in Kansas City on November 30), the tour will wind through the Rockies, before going coastal in California and Oregon. Kinky will perform solo with New Jersey artist Brian Molnar opening on most of the dates.

The BiPolar World Tour is nothing if not a fact-finding mission, as Kinky calculates national political views, particularly toward the Kinkster himself. For Kinky is considering a second run for Texas governor. After a plethora of recent (and ongoing) gaffes by Texas’ Rick Perry, one of the nation’s least popular sitting governors, the Kinkster will bring a fresh view of Texas politics with him. Pollsters and the Kinky-ites believe he can win this time. Most Texans (and a whole lot of other Americans) already know who is the true governor of the heart of Texas.
Aside from his pending political rebirth, Kinky is both energized and excited about all things Kinky, not least of which is his new book written with Willie Nelson, Roll Me Up and Smoke Me When I Die. Kinky’s extensive forward and full-on collaboration with Willie has perked the ears of the publishing world, and the book promises to be one of the top sellers of the fall and winter seasons. Additionally, conversations have already begun with major publishers about a return of Kinky’s intrepid detective . . . himself, with a two-book deal in the offing.
Kinky will be hawking a new live solo CD, Live From Woodstock, recorded on the first American leg of the BiPolar Tour and featuring some of his best work ever. He will also introduce Kinky Friedman’s Man in Black Tequila to Californians, with tastings at most venues and auctions in each city of three-bottle gift boxes. All profits from the auctions go to the Utopia Animal Rescue Ranch, Kinky’s favorite 501c3 charitable organization.
Live From Woodstock is not the only CD about which Kinky is excited. Rising star roots performer Jesse Dayton has recorded an entire album of Kinky’s songs (Jesse Sings Kinky), and it’s getting major attention in Americana radio, especially at SiriusXM. Dayton has also been starring as Kinky in road productions of Becoming Kinky, by the prize-winning playwright Ted Swindley, who created the world smash Always — Patsy Cline. International productions will be heading across the pond in 2013.
Also on tap in 2012- 2013: a Russian film based on Kinky’s non-detective novel, Kill Two Birds and Get Stoned. Filming has already begun.
But this December it’s all about being with the people, performing for the people and listening to the people. BiPolar? It’s all relative. Let the villagers be the judge, and if they end up convincing Kinky to jump into politics again, Texans will rejoice, and so will the rest of America. Meanwhile, Kinky remains the Jewish Troubadour of our times, with a show for the ages.

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