Moes Alley Santa Cruz Nightclub
Martin Zobel & Soulrise featuring Fully Fullwood
Appearing Live at Moes Alley
Tuesday, September 25th
Germany's Rising Reggae Star Debuts Santa Cruz
9:00 PM, Doors Open 8:00 PM, $7/10, CD Release Celebration For "Land Of The Free"

Moe's Alley proudly presents Martin Zobel & Soulrise featuring Fully Fullwood.  Germany based Martin Zobel is one of the hottest international Reggae artist on the road today.  With his tight band featuring special guest renowned reggae legend Fully Fullwood, this is a show not to be missed.  This is a CD release party for Martin's brand new album "Land Of The Free" produced by Fully Fullwood. 

In Germany Martin Zobel and his band, Soulrise have already become an integral part of the reggae scene. Their last album, “One Future!” which was first released on Irievibrations Records in 2010, made it to the top 100 Billboard Charts in several European countries. In light of the fact that reggae is not a mainstream genre, this is a remarkable achievement.
The new album “Land Of The Free” was released in Europe on May 18th and went straight on #1 on German Amazon Reggae Charts! The release for the US is scheduled for July 2012.
Early in 2011 Fully Fullwood, the Jamaican Roots-Reggae legend became aware of Martin Zobel’s music.
Founder and leader of the crucial Jamaican reggae band, the Soul Syndicate, Fullwood was jointly responsible for several hits reggae superstar Bob Marley recorded during the sessions with Lee “Scratch” Perry, and as a bass player he was a vital part of
Peter Tosh’s ‘Word, Sound & Power’ band.  Furthermore, his bass lines can be heard on countless other legendary recordings, including those of Dennis Brown, Derrick Morgan, Max Romeo, Michael Rose, Keith Hudson, and Big Youth, to name a few. It is by no means exaggerated to say he’s one of the most important musicians since the very beginning of the genre until the present day.
Over the years George “Fully” Fullwood has become more and more involved in producing.  When Martin Zobel and Fully Fullwood met in person in February 2011, the chemistry between them seemed to be right, and it was agreed that Fullwood would produce Zobel’s new album.  Zobel significantly reduced his live appearances to focus on writing new songs, and only six months after that first meeting, Fully and Frances (Fully’s wife) were welcoming Martin and his whole band into FULLY’S KITCHEN, their Southern California studio, to begin the recordings.
Martin Zobel & Soulrise spent an entire month in the Kitchen, cooking up their new songs, and for the sake of authenticity performed and recorded everything ‘live’ - just like back in the days. 
The result is a wonderful musical snapshot in time which, in every detail, reveals the spirit that must have been present during those early studio sessions back in Kingston, Jamaica.  Beyond that, one is reminded of a sound, the likes of which hasn’t been heard for a long time, a sound containing something so familiar, yet different, with something new and refreshing – a new breath of life.
With “Land Of The Free” Fullwood, Zobel & Soulrise have managed to create a record in an extremely relaxed manner that is packed with emotions and musicality that stands on its own.
Over the weeks of recording the band became very close friends with Fully and Frances and the whole Fullwood family, so that the Fullwood home in Southern California became kind of a second home for the band as well, feasting on great reggae music, and home-cooked Jamaican food.
The experienced Jamaican has made it very clear to the young German musicians that he loved what they did together and that he wants to work with them on a longterm base. The first United States tour for Martin Zobel and Soulrise is scheduled for September 2012 – so it looks very much like “Land Of The Free” is only the beginning . . .

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