Moes Alley Santa Cruz Nightclub
Fikir Amlak, Red Meditation, & Roots Natty
Appearing Live at Moes Alley
Sunday, May 6th
Roots Reggae Showcase
9:00 PM, $8/10,

In 2002, Andres "Fikir" Estrada arrived in Santa Cruz,
CA with the vision of forming a musical collective of
conscious Rastafari bredren and sistren who would
carry the message of Haile Selassie I the First and
Ethiopia's redemption to the four corners of the
world. Previously having sung and played guitar in a
Los Angeles area band, The Ghetto Fabulosos, maturity
and spiritual growth deemed necessary a new direction
and focus. At first using the name Jah Musica, "Fikir
Amlak" was chosen as the name for the new band, which
in Ethiopic means "Jah Love". The intial musicians
involved in this project were Joe Coberly on drums,
Mikey Butler on bass, John Moran on keys and Marcelo
Vaz on sax. In 2003, Lion Home Studios was established
in the Soquel mountains where the debut self-titled
album was produced and released in 2004. At this time,
Lucca McCaleb took over on bass and Fikir met local
Santa Cruz guitarist Emmanuel, as well as Kris
"Tafari" who had recently moved from Arizona. Veteran
keyboardist "Joseph" Chino also joined the band at
this time. In the summer of 2005, Santa Cruz saw the
release of their 2nd album, "Love Jah and Live". By
the end of 2005, Papa Shanti had come together with
Tafari to form the Disciples (formerly Heavy Manners)
which has become the current backing band.
Additionally, coming from Brazil, Ras Popo of Red
Meditation joined forces with Fikir Amlak to play
percussion and sing, backed by the Disciples. The
current line-up is Tafari on drums, Papa Shanti on
bass, Emmanuel on guitar, Fikir on vocals, Popo on
percussion and vocals, Steve and Ray on keys.
Together, this band has played often in the Santa Cruz
area with artists such as Batch & Ras Attitude, Yami
Bolo, Dubwize and Pacific Vibrations. The end of 2005
saw the formation of a new recording studio at Black
Lion Sounds in the Aptos Hills. Fikir Amlak has
currently completed their 3rd album entitled, "Seed of
Zadok", as well as having produced two new Red
Meditation albums from Ras Popo and Sister Molly.

RED MEDITATION formed in 2001 o in Salvador, Bahia.
Red Meditation is a roots reggae band playing music for
the most high while sending out a postive vibration to
all people world wide. Red Meditaion has two lead singer,
songwritters, Ras POPO and Sister Molly Rose with lyrics
 in both english and portuguese. Coming from two parts of
the world and bringing together a message of peace and unity
in the lyrics Red Meditation continues today in the U.S.A.

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