Moes Alley Santa Cruz Nightclub
KABBALAH + Post Street Rhythm Peddlers
Appearing Live at Moes Alley
Sunday, June 10th
Yiddish Dada Quintet From Marseille France
8:30 PM, Doors Open 8:00 PM, $10/15,

Moe's Alley presents the Santa Cruz debut of KABBALAH live & direct from Marseille France.
The quintet brings original music blending  New Klezmer, Yiddish Pop & World Fusion creating a sound all their own.  Special guests Post Street Rhythm Peddlers open the show so come early & don't miss a beat.

KABBALAH Live At Babelmed
KABBALAH "Sugar Pie" Live Video

Kabbalah Yiddish Dada : Boxes, Bagels & Elephants
Only in Marseille: Polish Châabi meets Russian Violin plugged into analogue synths (low-fi, please) short-circuited by Cameroonian Ndolé and some weird Berliner back from New York. What you get is Slam Rock, Yid Hop, a Golem on Kongo Square and maybe some Bikutsi Punk.
The whole thing is served by English-Yiddish-Russian lyrics, strings, horns, percussion, vintage machines and music boxes. So this is about an elephant mentsh, a deluge, souls sold to the devil, a couple breaking up (or not), the story of an short, it's about a bunch of characters confronted with the absurdity of everyday life.  Ladies and Gents, please welcome "Boxes, Bagels & Elephants", the hot cookie shaped like a bagel ready to release the elephant from your speakerbox!

Stef Galeski : vox, mandoluth, banjo, acoustic & electric guitars, fx 
Uliphant2000 : vox, saxophones, clarinet, flute, marimba, vibes, glock, celesta, keys, fx 
Anakin Startseva : vox, violin, viola /
Pat2bass : double bass, backing vox
Luigi El Gatto : drums, backing vox

Kabbalah is a musical melting pot: 21st century yiddish songwriting collides with rock, pop, hip hop and oriental music. Their new album "Boxes, Bagels & Elephants" is a perfect reflection of that mixture: 5 musicians, 15 instruments, 3 languages creating an amazingly fresh sound with a yiddish flavour that seems to be more alive than ever.

Like Maryam Chemirani and her deep voice, numerous musicians took part in the adventure: Saleha Moudjari (voice), Malik Ziad (gumbri) & Hassan Boukerrou (berber chant and percussion), a string quartet from the Ensemble Orchestral Contemporain, and a dynamite brass section. The record was produced by Ulrich "Yul" Edorh at Studio Da Town in Marseille. The collision between Kabbalah's musical "balagan" ("mess" in Hebrew) and Yul's radically urban culture gave birth to this somewhat dadaist "Boxes, Bagels & Elephants". It is truly an album of an incredible richness, full of irony, derision and happiness - sometimes with a darker side to it.
After 5 years on the road and 300 shows in France and abroad, Kabbalah's live performances are driven by the musician's virtuosity and complicity and a constant joyful interaction. Impetuous, vivid, varying from nostalgic to high-spirited moods, Kabbalah is having a ball on stage and it shows...a pure moment of musical delight!

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