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Moe's Alley features the best in great live music. From Blues to Salsa, Rhumba to Reggae, we have something for everyone to enjoy. Our spacious music hall, friendly staff, full bar, outdoor patio, and best of all great live music, create an unforgetable experience.


User Reviews for Moe's Alley


Went here for a Cumbia dub show this last weekend. It was my first time and I will be back. The staff is super professional and chill. I did not catch the doorman's name however he was super cool. Carla is a cocktail server and very good at her job. Most places the service is at best ok but I was very pleased. The music was dope also.

Great venue. Sounds good, and consistently solid acts booked -- including local bands. Lisa and Ashley are particularly great bartenders. Worthy visit for music fans.

I love this place. They always have great music. The smoking area outside is always fun to make friends. I've met many interesting people there.
The drink prices are pretty good. I've never thought, "WTF?" That's always a good sign.

I've seen many great shows here. Small cozy venue with really good sound. The atmosphere is very laid back.The bartenders are nice and the bouncers don't seem to be all steroided out like some nightclubs.

Do not miss a show here you will regret it in the morning.
They book world class performers as well as local acts. Even though it isn't located downtown it is easy to get to, easy to park, etc. Overall it has a great SC vibe and an outdoor patio w/ an extra bar and food too.


Favorite venue in Santa Cruz! Outside patio inside.... Great live music! Usually a really  cool crowd to dance along with.


Bartenders are constantly moving but ready to take your order with a smile. This is not the place to when you finally get the bartender's attention, figure out what you want or ask a million questions. The girls take no BS and it's a fast-paced dive bar on a busy night with a wide range of customers, but friendly, none the less. There's a patio area outside as well. Be sure to catch a live show if you can, the acoustics are AMAZING. We saw The New Mastersounds, who were absolutely phenomenal. The entire band is as tight as a knot but their hallmark is their drummer and lead vocals... What a night. We had a great time at Moe's. We'll definitely be back!


Moe's is great i felt like i was at a friend's house that happened to have live music in their backyard. My friends and i were there to see Mango Kingz/Anuhea/Rebel Souljahz. They all had great sets which made the night fly by.

The wide open doors to the patio helped the air circulate a lot so it was never extremely hot the way some places can get because the breeze was hitting just right.

One of our concerns on this Saturday was the fact that the 2nd half of the Golden State Warrior game was going to be on at the same time as the show. We are talking GAME 7 type epicness and everyone i was with are big Warrior fans so when we found out the game was on the same time as the show we were quite bummed. Awesomely tho, Moe's had one TV on at the bar showing the game for those of us who were in dire need of watching the game.

By the time my friends and i got to Moe's Alley i had stopped drinking because i was the DD for the night so i figured i'd get a water/soda at the bar. No big deal i never mind being the designated driver especially since we had to drive thru 17 to get back to San Jose at the end of the night. I wasn't taking any chances. The bartender must have overheard my convo with my friends because he said my soda was on the house for being a safe designated driver. I mean i know it was only like a $2 soda but i thought that was very nice of him to do. Kudos for that Mr.Bartender!


This place is fantastic. One of the only places in Santa Cruz where you can dance and not get creeped. Saw a brass band here and it was so much fun.


Super awesome. Live (and diverse) music, good drinks, plenty of parking across the street. Check it out.



I love Moe's! It feels more like you're at a house party than it does a concert... Intimate and cozy! Been to a couple reggae concerts with my crew at this venue and it gets pretty live in here. No problems with the venue; the door guy was cool, bartenders were cool, and the acoustics are great. Just good vibes all around! A great place to come see up and coming artists before they blow up and go mainstream!

Only complaint is that the line for the women's bathroom is always long because it only has two stalls.




The owner is remarkable when it comes to getting name acts, prices VERY reasonable to see them, too. He is very hands-on with management. He has a tremendous relationship with his artists, and they choose to play here repeatedly in many cases. Very kind staff - yes, it is true there is not much room when a name act appears - they sell tickets profusely, oftentimes sell outs. I recommend strongly purchasing tickets on line in advance as Mykal Rose (Black Uhuru) just sold out and glad I did! I fight the crowds this way - and come in later knowing my ticket is reserved, and don't have to STAND for so long!! The sound is GREAT, and again, I applaud them for getting the Dave Alvins, Dick Dales, etc. and saving locals the drive to S.F. to see these artists and get to see them in a MUCH more intimate setting to boot! Kudos!!


My favorite place to see music in Santa Cruz! An intimate venue, you can be comfortably close to the stage/artists. There's a great patio, so you can be outside & still enjoy the music. All kinds of awesome artists come through, happy to have this place in the hometown!


In all the years that I lived in Santa Cruz I never been to Moe's Alley up until last week. My friend and I went to watch Anuhea who is an awesome vocalist from Hawaii. This is a fun venue with a full bar. The staff is friendly including the security. Typically bouncers at other bars think they're the s**t just because they can control who goes in and out.
This is a small venue that showcases independent and up and coming musicians. With that said tickets are typically very reasonable ranging anywhere from $10-$15 per person. Because it's a small venue the stage is quite small too, which is fine because you get to experience an up close and personal show.
Very convenient parking. You have to park your car across the street on the back portion of the lot of where Toys r' Us is located. But it's a small street and you can be at the bar within seconds of parking your car.
I guess the crowd varies depending on the act. At least when I was there the crowd is very cool and friendly. Talked to a lot of people there for the Anuhea show and everyone was so super friendly. I would love to go back and watch other shows  there.


Great venue with many styles of musicians coming through.  A little far off from Downtown Santa Cruz, but definitely worth the drive.
The reason we gave it four stars is because it is a small venue and can get really crowded and hard to dance if it is.  The good new is that they have a huge patio and you can dance outside if you like.
All around, one of the best music venues in Santa Cruz


The BEST music venue in Santa Cruz. Hand's down, by far. So many diverse musicians perform here but they especially get some sick reggae shows. I have seen I-Wayne, President Brown, and will be seeing Midnite here. Love love love it. Perfectly small, intimate venue, with a great outdoor area and plenty of drinks. Clean, fun, and relatively cheap for the amazing musicians they book here!



Best venue for live music in Santa Cruz, hands down.
Good sound and plenty of room to dance. 
The bartenders get 5 stars, they always pour a great, strong drink & take good care of you. 
There is a nice outdoor patio area to smoke or cool off after dancing.
But the food leaves much to be desired
It's changed a lot from when it was a blues club years ago. But if you watch the schedule, you can still catch good blues bands every month. They are still involved with the Santa Cruz Blues Festival and throw a mean after-party every year. 
Shows are reasonably priced and you can buy your tickets on-line in advance. We are lucky to have Moe's Alley


I honestly love Moe's and have had a good time at every show I've gone there. 

Yes, the decor is early church cellar / hole in the wall, but its intimate.  I've actually been able to chat with acts between sets and for a musician, its cool to be able to walk up to the stage, chat up the performers and check out the gear.  I've seen everyone from the Bx3 tour to  Truth and Salvage and the Knitters.

The drinks are stiff as someone else mentioned and reasonably priced.  They carry the standard Santa Cruz bar beer selection and nice mixed drink options. 

Tickets for even well know acts are reasonable and they tend to have off beat and eclectic bands.  For a great night out, its the best deal around.


Moe's Alley has been a fantastic venue over the years, featuring music from that includes great Blues, Salsa, Reggae and more.

The space is amazing for a live show and gives everyone a wonderful sense of energy.  Show prices are some of the best you will find for the acts they feature.  This is a great place and Santa Cruz is so lucky to have Moe's. 

The drinks are wonderful (not watered down) and the dancing goes on forever.


Very simple, no frills, down to earth venue in Santa Cruz.   I heard about this place from a friend who went to UCSC.  

Not much to add to what has already been said. 

I bought tickets to listen to a salsa group from Cuba playing here.  $10 per person at the door.  The group was really good -- and as people eventually shuffled in, within an hour, the dance floor was packed with dancing Santa Cruzans (is this a word)? 

The drinks were standard price, served up stiff.  

What I love about Santa Cruz, is that you can basically dress down when you go out.  You can' t do this in LA....folks were dressed in flannel shirts, flip flops, jeans.........comfortable dress.  MY kinda dress!  That's what makes Santa Cruz so friggin laid back and unpretentious.  This place definitely exudes Santa Cruz......(also considering the fact I smelt a little wacky tabacky midway through the set.......) 

The place is short 5 minute drive from downtown Santa Cruz.  Do not hesitate to purchase cheap tickets/cover charge for a very cool place to see a show in SC.

My favorite venue. Very intimate. I can't complain about anything other than having to buy your tickets ahead of time because it's small and cozy. Tixs sell out too fast.  Worst feeling is hearing a bad ass artist from the parking lot.


Great venue.

Good roster and reasonable prices.

Very intimate, with reasonably good sound.

DEFINITELY worth checking out a show here.


So there's just something damned special about a place so intimate, so small (and yet, with such awesome acoustics), where you can interact (read: flirt) with the band as well as with your fellow patrons. My girls recently treated me to a birthday at Moe's, and I had the pleasure of dancing my ass off, with a blackberry kamikaze firmly in hand (I think it was blackberry -- I know it was (i) a kamikaze; (ii) strong as heck; and (iii) only $6.50 all night), while making eyes with the band members.

I tease, I tease, because the B-Side Players are all so damned fine -- and more importantly NICE -- but I had one of the best birthdays I've ever had in my adult life at Moe's this past weekend...

And I seriously doubt that I'm going to wait until my NEXT birthday to head straight back for another night of low-key, musically-charged fun!


Saw the Mighty Diamonds- great experience. Nice bartenders, nice patio- loved to kick it in the back corner for a smoke break, good music!


This is the Best Venue for Live Shows. It has a Big Dance Floor and chairs on ths side, but you wont be sitting down at this place. I went here for a Funky Jazz show by Big Sams Funky Nation and they FReakin Ripped Shitt Up. OMG me and my Girl Were Boogying all night long. Live Drums,guitar,keyboard,trumpet, and trombone. 

It was like dancing to Live Break Beats! The crowd was awesome we were the only asians in the building,but everybody had SOUL and was just dancing the night away. Noone cares what you do as long as your Shakin Ur BOOTAY! There was this like 60 year old man dancing like he was 18 years old all night and didn't stop. Santa Cruz knows how to party. No Drama ALL FUN!

The crowd was so Hype that when BSFN left the stage we were all yelling ENCORE ENCORE. After like 5 minutes of nonstop YELling. Sure Enough they came out and played 1 more song and each person did a SOLO! 

The Bartenders make drinks strong and there is a big patio to hang out at. In and outs. Cheap Cover. If u got soul and like the Funk or wanna listen to REggae or anything else. check the lineup and see who is coming and im sure you won't be Dissapointed!


I came here a couple weeks ago for the first time to see a band called SamBa Da ( I really enjoy the cozy, mellow vibe of small venues such as Moe's. I hate to even admit this fact because I have seen many a good bands here but Moe's surpasses The Catalyst for being a better venue to listen to live music in this area. 

For one you need to be 21 to get in, therefore you aren't cramped in some dark attic hallway to drink your beers or smoke like you do at the Catalyst. But the big shocker was the mix of people from different ages, ethnicity, and styles and whom all were dancing, which either was b/c of SamBa Da or Moe's itself. Yet it was such an incredible site to see the aura this band or Moe's brought to everyone here. This cliche quote basically sums up my evening here at Moe's and what appeared to be the look on everyone's face:

"Live life like you are dancing and no one is watching".............


In my opinion, the best place for live music in the Santa Cruz area. I've seen a lot of shows here, and regularly peruse the Good Times to plan for future shows.

Fairly priced drinks, nice bartenders, clean bathrooms and a nice patio outside.

It's  a gem


My best friend and I went to see a reggae show here. Although we were a little out of place in terms of age and style and tried to sneak in my friends teenage son the staff couldn't have been nicer.. The teenager didn't get in but they were good about it.

Although the venue looks like a house it actually is a pretty good place to see a show.  The sound system is good and it is easy to find a nice view of the band.  We saw the I Grade Review with Tuff LIon, Danny I, Abja and Volcano..Tuff Lion talked to us a little and is extremely nice guy in addition to being a fine guitarist....


Finally! A small, local venue to see great shows. No pressure to dress up, no awkwardness if you dress it up a bit either. I felt like I knew everyone there, and felt even more glad to get away from the college town scene downtown. 

I caught a fantastic reggae show here recently. The entire audience (which consisted of all kinds of peeps) was so into the music- nobody stopped moving once the music started.The large dance floor was packed and jammin' the entire time. 

Even better, this place has live music 6 out of 7 nights a week.
Heads up: It was pretty cold inside even though I was moving to the music the entire evening!.


Moe's Alley is great.

It's a small-ish venue, and fills up fast for the good local shows.  That just means you need to prepare in advance if you know it's going to be a busy night.

That said, the real boon of Moe's Alley isn't so much the venue itself, but the crowd it draws.  An eclectic mix of hippies, hipsters, rock-a-billies, and throw in a few bikers and yuppies for good measure and you've got a typical night at Moe's.  The floor is usually accommodating enough to allow for people to dance.  Chances are if you get into the music, you'll be moving to it.


I have seen so many great shows here, let loose and watched others get DOWN.  Bartenders are cool, the staff are all great and they book great bands.  I have NEVER had a bad experience in Moe's. yep...5 stars!  The only advice I do have is do not leave any valuables in your car or put them in the trunk if you park in the Toy's R Us



What's not to love about this place? They book great bands,  it sounds great, it's intimate but not too cramped, and the staff is friendly... Decent food, and a nice patio too. Best place to see music in Santa Cruz (since Palookaville closed down, RIP...).  Much better than the Crapalyst. Usually a great crowd too. Seen a ton of great shows here over the past 5 years or so...



Moe's Alley is the place to see new talent, as well as some tried and true local talent... It's a small venue, but where every seat is a good one. They have a good, comfortable vibe here, and an outdoor area for those of you who smoke. In cooler weather, they have heat lamps set up in the patio area so you don't freeze your tushy off. Drinks are decently priced and not watered down, and there's plenty of parking in the area. All in all, the only problem I ever had with it is that you really can't fit too many people in there, so that when they have a really popular band, it's SUPER crowded and hard to reach the bar. That's my only complaint, though. I like this place a lot!.



Anytime the Red Elvises are in the bay area or central coast, this is my choice of venues to see them at!

Drink specials are great, good beer selection, ample seating, AND ample dance-floor space. 

Parking can be a little tricky since the lot attached to the club is small and you're "not allowed to park in the lot across the street" ;)




















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